Typically in our November/December issue, I include a look back at the most popular articles of the year as measured by web traffic. And, while I won’t be including that in our eMagazine this year (you can find it on our website), I do have a list of articles you shouldn’t miss.

You can find the first five in this issue.  Read on for great content about ammonia leak detection technologies, cryogenic condensation, plate heat exchangers and remote temperature monitoring.

In addition, here are my picks for standout articles that you may have overlooked.

  1. Simple Strategies for Detecting Ammonia Leaks and System Degradation

    Learn how nondestructive testing aids in finding and fixing leaks in ammonia systems before they become a problem.

  2. Classification of Temperature Measurement Devices

    The materials of construction, temperature range, accuracy and control requirements for each type of temperature-measuring device varies, but the key function remains the same.

  3. Testing Cooling Tower Water for Total Bacteria and Legionella

    Is it time to reconsider testing for total bacteria and Legionella in cooling tower water? Two case histories demonstrate how current water-testing methods could be indicating that bacteria control is acceptable and under good control — when the opposite is true.

  4. Maintaining Cooling Tower Operation in Cold-Weather Environments

    Although sustained freezing conditions complicate cooling tower operation, key measures can ensure smooth performance.

  5. Cleaning Scale from Cooling Tower Systems

    When scale is present, the system’s compressor works harder, drawing extra current. This increases energy costs, affects system longevity and prevents the equipment from achieving optimum capacity.

  6. Cooling with Liquid Nitrogen

    Done properly, a cryogenic cooling system provides high quality, low cost cooling.

  7. Understanding TEMA Types for Shell-and-Tube Exchangers

    Shell-and-tube designs incorporate fixed or floating tubesheets, fixed or removable tube bundles and expansion joints as needed to create an effective heat transfer vessel. Gain a better understanding of the TEMA types to improve your selection process.

  8. Understanding and Avoiding Costly Heat Exchanger Failures

    A lack of effective cooling due to heat exchanger failure can cause production losses and unplanned downtime. Fortunately, two common causes of exchanger loss — mechanical failures and chemically induced corrosion — can be prevented.

  9. Improving System Efficiency Using Series Counterflow Piping Strategy

    Rerouting the chilled water and condenser water flow through two chillers in opposite directions can lead to improved system efficiency.

  10. 7 Things to Know about Freezing Equipment for Food Processing

    Temperature-reduction equipment for food processing and other applications is available to remove processing heat and to freeze or chill product.

Linda Becker

Associate Publisher & Editor