California-based Cryogenic Machinery Corp. (Cryo-Mach) manufactures single-stage horizontal centrifugal pumps for industrial gas suppliers. In an effort to meet environmental standards, the company transitioned away from using harmful sealants and lubricants in its products.

The solution was integrating products from Minnesota-based Fluoramics in its pumps. Cryo-Mach believed these products could deliver the sealing, lubricating and anti-galling performance it needed without the use of solvents of VOCs. For example, Cryo-Mach uses oxygen-safe LOX-8 paste to prevent galling and seizing on all the threaded connections on its pumps and applies solvent-free LOX-8 NF oil to lubricate the mechanical seals inside these pumps. Cryo-Mach also seals the threaded connections on its gas panels with Fluoramics’ oxygen-safe PTFE tape.

As a result of switching to Fluoramics’ products, Cryo-Mach has moved most of its business to aqueous cleaning and uses very little solvents anywhere in its facility.