In an interview with Editor Linda Becker, Tom Stone, the national sales manager for industrial markets with Thermal Care, talks about how using variable-frequency drives can improve the process cooling operations. Tom is a speaker at the Process Cooling & Heating Show, the show that focuses exclusively on industrial heating and cooling equipment, components and supplies used in the process industries.

  • How does someone get started using VFDs can improve process cooling operations? [1:00]
  • How do you evaluate whether a process is suitable for including VFDs for process cooling? [2:24]
  • What are some of the benefits of using VFDs in process cooling applications? [3:38]
  • Are there any drawbacks to or concerns about using VFDs in process cooling applications? [4:47]
  • Are there any factors that might limit the use of VFDs in process cooling applications? [5:42]
  • What positive results should a company using VFDs in process cooling applications expect? What is a reasonable payback? [6:23]
  • How is Thermal Care positioned to help people achieve this? [8:21]
  • From your perspective, what are some of the major challenges for the thermal process industry right now? [10:05]
  • How have these challenges affected Thermal Care? [13:04]
  • How is Thermal Care positioning itself to deal with those challenges? [12:54]
  • One of the benefits of attending a trade show or listening to a podcast is that you get to take advice from experts in the field. If you were sitting next to a leading process cooling expert right now, what would you ask them? [14:49]

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