Compass Cold Storage announced plans for the construction of a 70,000 ft2 cold-storage facility able to maintain temperatures ranging from 40°F to -20°F in Mulberry, Ark.

Developed by Ti Cold, the facility will have the capacity to support food wholesalers, retailers and food manufacturing customers in central and northwest Arkansas. Structural steel pallet racks will accommodate over 8,500 pallet positions. This includes the QFM in-rack freezing system, which combines blast freezing technology and pallet racking. QFM freezes pallets up to four times faster than traditional blast freezers with the ability to reduce energy consumption by as much as 50 percent, according to Ti Cold.

With this facility, Compass Cold Storage will be able to offer its clients third-party logistics (3PL). As a 3PL provider, the company can store clients’ inventory with the ability to pick, pack and ship the products directly from the facility.