The demand for environmentally friendly cooling systems is driving chiller manufacturers to innovate. As a result, Pro-Refrigeration Inc., a supplier of industrial chillers, developed the idea of a CO2 chiller and determined that Danfoss components had the capacities and safety ratings to meet the needs of the project.

The resulting collaboration brought dividends to a California dairy farm and, ultimately, to the environment. Because CO2 is a natural refrigerant with a global warming potential (GWP) rating of 1, it allows refrigeration systems to recover 100 percent of the heat rejected from their systems (three times that of chillers using synthetic refrigerants). For Pro-Refrigeration, heat recovery capability is essential because beverage plants, particularly dairy farms, use a high amount of natural gas or propane to heat water for sanitizing and washdown. Heat recovery technology lowers both their costs and climate impact.

The Danfoss components utilized in the CO₂ chiller include a system manager, case controller, pack controller, electric regulating valves, pressure switches, and pressure and temperature sensors. All of the parts work together to monitor the cooling system, gather data from the sensors, control when the compressors cycle on and off, and ensure the fans and expansion valves are working correctly. 

Learn more about the project in this case study from Danfoss.