Green Cross Biotherapeutics Inc. (GCBT) operates an intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) and albumin manufacturing plant in Montreal, Quebec. The facility required two freezers to store and maintain its product at all times. It also needed multiple process double-jacketed tanks cooled with propylene glycol. 

Taking these challenges into account, Cimco Refrigeration installed a subcritical CO2 low temperature package. This included Mycom compressors, a glycol pumping station package and a York process chiller. The glycol is used to condense the COfor miscellaneous HVAC cooling and to purify the water system for pharmaceutical use.

Considerations for the system included safety and risk management, energy savings, environmental impact and reliability. CO2 was the optimal refrigerant in all of these aspects. It was as safe as other refrigerants, more eco-friendly, provided higher energy savings and economically feasible. According to Cimco, its CO2 industrial packaged system also proved a better solution than CO2 transcritical commercial systems. 

Green Cross Biotherapeutics’ facility manufactures products including intravenous immunoglobulin, a vital therapeutic solution for treating patients with infectious and immune diseases, and albumin, which is used as a blood-volumizing agent and in the treatment of burns. The plant also provides plasma fractionation.