When an ice sports facility realized its flagship location was also its least energy efficient, the company opted to replace the facility’s compressors to reduce energy and operating costs.

Canlan Ice Sports maintains 57 ice surfaces housed in 18 facilities. Canlan’s eastern flagship facility, located on the York University campus in Toronto, has six sheets of ice and operates year-round. On an average day, the facility will resurface the ice sheets with its fleet of Zambonis 90 times.

Although Toronto facility is relatively new, a company-wide energy use analysis showed its refrigeration system had historically been the least energy-efficient and most costly to maintain when compared to other Canlan locations. To address this, Canlan opted to replace the compressors.

Since 2008, the company has replaced 16 of its legacy compressors with Mycom M-series reciprocating compressors. The Mycom M-series compressor was selected for the project even though the existing refrigeration plant was constructed with three 250-hp screw compressors.

Although Canlan had no experience replacing screw compressors with reciprocating compressors, Mayekawa engineers provided performance studies of the existing machines versus the M-series compressors to determine suitability. An additional study was conducted to determine the projected energy savings.

Canlan went ahead and replaced the screw comressors at the York University facility with reciprocating compressors. In following the install and another performance study, the three Mycom reciprocating compressors delivered savings of approximately $225,500 in electricity costs. Facility personnel also say the change improved the quality of the ice, according to Mayekawa.

Read the full case study from Mayekawa here.