Projects that will help manufacturers improve their operational efficiency and shrink their carbon footprint through high performance computing (HPC) are the focus of a call for solicitations from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Through the High Performance Computing for Manufacturing (HPC4Mfg) initiative, the $3 million solicitation will result in teams being selected to work with supercomputers — and the laboratory experts who operate them — to solve current manufacturing challenges. The advanced modeling, simulation and data analysis capabilities of these supercomputers will be harnessed to help manufacturers identify the most effective ways to improve performance, increase energy efficiency and cut emissions across the industrial sector.

The HPC4Mfg program solicitation seeks industry partners interested in using HPC resources to make advancements in the following areas:

  • Improvements in manufacturing processes that result in significant national energy savings and carbon emissions reductions. This includes process improvements in industries with high decarbonization potential such as paper and pulp, primary metal manufacturing, water and wastewater, glass, cement and chemical.
  • Efficiency improvements and carbon emissions reduction in energy conversion and storage technologies, including improvements in waste heat recovery for thermal energy storage systems.
  • Reductions in CO2 or CO2-equivalent emissions. For example, improving the performance of the carbon-capture process and modifying fossil-fuel systems to accept low-to-zero carbon fuels.

View the full solicitation here. Concept papers are due on June 7.