A line of air-cooled chillers uses ammonia as a refrigerant and can be installed outdoors, providing a sustainable solution that does not require a machine room, notes manufacturer Johnson Controls.  

A natural refrigerant, ammonia does not have global-warming potential (GWP) or ozone-depleting potential (ODP). By using ammonia, the Sabroe ChillPAC Air chillers,  can meet cooling needs while consuming less energy. According to Johnson Controls, facilities such as food processing plants can add significant cooling capacity for their operations using the units. 

The weatherproof enclosure of the ChillPAC Air allows the chillers to be installed on the ground or on the roof of a facility adjacent to the cooling demand. The design includes a shell-and-plate evaporator, SMC compressor and double V-coil condensers that help reduce overall footprint. Units can supply temperature levels that range from -40 to 50°F (-40 to 10°C).