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Pfannenberg Inc.

High Airflow Fans for Thermal Management

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Image provided by Pfannenberg Inc.

Series PF provide guaranteed NEMA Type 12 protection, says the manufacturer. Filterfans 4.0 provide an IP 54, Type 12 system of protection with flow optimized fins and rotor blades. The fans have a four-corner fastening system that allows the filter medium to be replaced quickly. The fluted filter mat’s folded structure facilitates airflow while the closed frame prevents unfiltered air from penetrating the cabinet. Options include NEMA Type 3R/4/4X / IPx6 washdown or rain hoods, UV protection and EMC shielding. Eight types with capacities from 17 to 560 cfm are offered.


New York Blower Co.

Fans for High Flow, High Pressure Applications

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Image provided by New York Blower Co.

High pressure backward-inclined fans are designed to handle both clean air and lightly particulate-laden or moist-air gas streams in applications such as process cooling, food processing, thermal oxidation, combustion air and quench cooling. Model BC-2200 can be used in process temperatures from -50°F (-45°C) to more than 1000°F (538°C). It can be constructed using special alloys such as Hastelloy, Inconel or Carpenter 20 to meet application demands. The fan reaches a volume of 60,000 cfm [(101,940 m³/hr)]. It is available as standard in both belt-drive and direct-drive configurations, with arrangements 4, 3S1 and 7S1 available on request. Standard design features allow for pressures to 65" wg (16,175 Pa) and temperatures to 800°F (427°C). Sensor systems and controllers can be added to maximize efficiency and output, minimize power usage and energy costs, and reduce long-term operating expenses and downtime.



Multi-Wing America

Computer-Optimized Blade Design Provides High Efficiency

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Image provided by Multi-Wing America

The EMAX4 blade profile has a computer-optimized blade design for maximum performance and is designed to reduce energy consumption in air-cooled condensers, refrigeration, chillers, cooling towers and evaporators. The customizable fan can reduce noise emission by 2 to 3 dB. Engineered to fit the company’s existing range of hubs, the glass-reinforced polyamide fan blade works with the company’s modular system with variable pitch angles. This unique profile is available in 5-, 6-, 7-, 9- and 12-bladed configurations with a diameter range of 22 to 36".


Moore Fans LLC.

Designed for Applications on Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers

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Image provided by Moore Fans LLC

Operating in air-cooled heat exchangers and cooling towers, heavy-duty fans keep liquids cool in refineries, power plants, process plants and gas compressors. The Class 10000 Heavy Duty has been strengthened in proportion with the increased duty for engine drive and larger fan diameter applications. It has a hub-tube diameter of 3" for added strength and durability. Features include resilient blade mounting, increased chord width, adjustable blade angle, reduced fan ring depth and adjustable diameter. The fan is available in both odd and even blade configurations with up to 16 blades.


Howden Industrial Fan Group, American Fan Co.

Cast Aluminum Blower

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Image provided by Howden Industrial Fan Group

Model AF has a lightweight, rustproof cast aluminum housing for demanding industrial applications such as chemical processing. The cast aluminum blowers are available in direct-drive or belt-drive models. Capacity selections are available up to 3,800 cfm and pressure selections up to 20" (SP w.g.) Features include a split, spark-resistant cast aluminum housing for maintenance ease; spark-resistant aluminum wheel; and a statically and dynamically balanced blower wheel.


Siefert Systems Inc.

Filter Fans Ventilate Enclosures Effectively

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Image provided by Seifert Systems

Filter fans help ensure a constant enclosure temperature. Integrated air filters at the system inlet and outlet ensure that the cabinet remains clear of dust and any other contaminating airborne particles. Other options include DC enclosure air conditioners, enclosure heaters, filter fans and temperature and humidity controllers.


Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.

Mixed-Flow Inline Fans

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Image provided by Continental Fan

Designed for use where high efficiency and quiet operation are required, Model MID utilizes the company’s MF mixed-flow impeller. The mixed-flow inline fan incorporates adjustable-blade geometry for performance matching. Applications include process ventilation and cabinet cooling. The inline fan is available in diameters from 12 through 24" with capacities ranging to 5,340 cfm. Features include a prewired and mounted NEMA 4 junction box, TEFC industrial-duty motor and baked polyester powder-coat finish.



Scroll Fans for Process Cooling

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Image provided by Ziehl-Abegg

Features of the centrifugal fans include a spiral housing, single-ended extracting, and direct drive. The maximum supply medium temperature is 752°F (400°C). The fan has a high performance impeller with backward-curved blades, dynamically balanced. The welded scroll housing is made of treated sheet steel. The scroll fans are offered as RAL 7032 or stainless steel, pickled and passivated. Specifications include a volume flow rate of 22,000 to 100,000 m³/hr as well as pressure of 2,600 to 20,000 Pa.


Chicago Blower Corp.

Packaged, Backward-Curved Fans

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Image provided by Chicago Blower Corp.

A pre-engineered packaged fan, Model 5500/5800 PBC offers the performance of a special heavy-duty or custom fan without the lead times and costs of a custom fan, says the manufacturer. Features of the packaged backward curved centrifugal fan line include volumes up to 90,000 cfm; static pressures up to 80"; and sizes up to 5414, 6000 for Arrangement 8. Arrangement 4 enables temperatures to 200°F (93°C) and arrangement 8 enables temperatures to 800°F (427°C).


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