An ice producer in New Bedford, Mass., agreed to a $170,000 settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency for breaches of safety regulations in the use of its ammonia refrigeration system.

Crystal Ice Co. is a supplier of ice for the fishing industry in and around New Bedford. The facility uses up to 22,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia in its refrigeration system. Anhydrous ammonia can be dangerous when released into the environment.

An ammonia release at the Crystal Ice facility occurred in April 2018 and triggered an EPA inspection of the refrigeration system. The EPA’s inspection led to the discovery of multiple violations of the Clean Air Act’s Risk Management Plan regulations, which are designed to prevent accidental releases of substances that can cause serious harm to the public and the environment from short-term exposures and to mitigate the severity of any releases that do occur.

Some of the alleged violations included the failure to comply with requirements to compile written process safety information and comply with recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices; failure to fully comply with process hazard analysis requirements; and failure to adequately train employees.

The settlement imposes a civil penalty of $170,000 and requires that the company come into compliance with risk management plan regulations.