Quickdraft offers Venturi Exhausters for cooking and freezing exhaust applications for the food and other industries. With no moving parts in contact with the exhausted cryogenic gas, fan failure due to freezing and ice build-up on the exhaust fan impellers is eliminated. Your use of expensive, conditioned air is minimized, and you experience a more consistent, dependable exhaust flow. The system vents nitrogen or carbon dioxide gases as low as -250˚F (-156˚C).

Quickdraft systems are custom engineered to your space and whatever size or type of cold storage you need to exhaust. We have built systems for everything from freezing tunnels to walk in cold rooms. Our system technology results in a virtually maintenance-free system and eliminates downtime. See these and other 3D exhaust system animations available on our website, www.quickdraft.com. For more information, or to discuss your specific application needs with our experienced sales team, please call 1.855.VENTURI.

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