A heat transfer fluid with low electrical conductivity is essential for applications where electronics or electrical components are cooled either directly or indirectly (using a heat exchanger/cold plate) by the fluid. Such applications are found in fuel cells, computers, radars, electric vehicles, charging stations, and induction heating. Normally, when selecting a low electrically conductive fluid, one might consider a dielectric fluid such as a hydrocarbon, however choosing the right chemistry along with properties such as: flammability, toxicity, corrosivity, thermal stability, and pumpability over a wide temperature range is crucial for low conductivity applications.

Dynalene offers high performance Dynalene LC series fluid, which can be produced from either propylene glycol (Dynalene LC-PG) or ethylene glycol (Dynalene LC-EG), or BioGlycol (Dynalene LC-Bio). These specially formulated, water/glycol-based coolants provide excellent thermo-physical properties including high heat capacity, high thermal conductivity, as well as low electrical conductivity (<5µS/cm). Dynalene LC contains a proprietary blend of non-ionic corrosion inhibitors and provides excellent corrosion protection for any low electrical conductivity application.

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