SPX Cooling Technologies Inc. is commemorating the 100th anniversary of its Marley brand evaporative cooling towers and components. The company will celebrate this milestone throughout 2022 with a company timeline, video history and events.

The Marley brand traces its history to the formation of the Power Plant Equipment Co. in Kansas City, Mo., in 1922. By the mid-1920s, founders L.T. Mart and Chester Smiley had patented spray nozzles and spray pond inventions, and they combined elements of their last names to identify these products as the Marley brand. In 1928, the Marley Co. was incorporated. The company was acquired by SPX Corp. in 2001.

As a part of its centennial celebration, the SPX Cooling Technologies company timeline highlights its earliest (and still current) manufacturers representatives; the development of its first "atmospheric deck" cooling tower; early patents; international expansion; and industry involvement with early cooling tower associations. In addition, the company has embarked on a 33-state road show to bring demonstration units and training to its customers across the United States.

The company also held an event at its headquarters in Overland Park, Kan., on May 18.