Italy’s HiRef S.p.A. will use screw compressors manufactured by Bitzer to cool a computing center adiabatically with air-to-air heat exchangers.

The goal was to design a cooling system that was both reliable and sustainable for the computing center in Offenbach, Germany. HiRef installed 96 screw compressors instead of scroll compressors, with external frequency inverters in the 48 existing cooling systems. Because the application is fitted with low-GWP refrigerant R513A and is therefore A2L-ready, it can be converted to use HFO refrigerant R1234ze, which has a GWP of less than 6, at any time.

According to HiRef, certain temperature levels can be maintained precisely and constantly with screw compressors. If the preset maximum temperature set point is exceeded, the evaporative cooling system lowers the condensing temperature and the energy intake. Speed-controlled by frequency inverters, the screw compressors provide full mechanical backup for the cooling capacity. Their low water consumption with additional adiabatic cooling is another important step in the direction of sustainability, according to HiRef.