HRS Heat Exchangers helped an Australian pharmaceutical company expand its production capacity by supplying a bespoke system that controls the temperature of solution materials used in capsule manufacturing.

Mayne Pharma operates a manufacturing facility in Salisbury, South Australia, where it produces tablets, capsules, liquids and creams. The company wanted to improve its existing production capacity for capsule production by adding a third fluid-bed dryer and the associated equipment while simultaneously improving temperature regulation to its existing lines. HRS Heat Exchangers suggested a turnkey package offering active heating or cooling.

The solution provided is a heater/cooler with the ability to reduce hours of cooling time to less than 60 minutes. Due to space constraints in the existing factory and the requirement to connect various pieces of equipment, the unit was supplied on a compact skid with integrated controls and automation of both heating and cooling processes.

The HRS unit utilizes two K Series multi-pass corrugated tube heat exchangers to maintain solvent temperature at 77 or 68°F (25 or 20°C) as required. The hot water loop is composed of one heat exchanger, a centrifugal pump, safety features and the necessary ancillaries such as a pressure gauge, temperature transmitter and manual valves.