Denali Brewing and Sprits of Talkeetna, Ala., commissioned and started up its first natural refrigerant chiller system.

Denali CEO Sassan Mossanen, along with the brewery service contractor Arctic Refrigeration, prepared for the system by traveling to PRO Refrigeration’s production facility in Mocksville, N.C. They were introduced to transcritical and subcritical CO2 refrigeration and safety and provided a tour of the PROGreen chiller system during the visit.

Soon after, the chiller system was transported across the United States to its new home. During the 18-day journey from North Carolina to Alaska, the Arctic Refrigeration team completed the piping installation and most system integration.

“Being able to plan piping in the return and supply for the main process tie-ins, and pre-piping for the heat recovery unit ahead of the equipment actually arriving was great. Getting the opportunity to see the system at the factory allowed for this,” said Duke Brandt from Arctic Refrigeration.