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In this episode of the “Chill Out” podcast, Process Cooling editor Linda Becker speaks with Andrew Pansulla of the Chemours Co. about using refrigerants for process cooling.

  • First, some basics: What is your role at Chemours, and what industries does Chemours serve? [0:27]
  • How do you specifically support the industrial refrigeration industry? [2:05]
  • What are some of the top challenges you feel the industrial refrigeration industry currently is facing? [3:19]
  • What do you see as major challenges 3-5 years from now? [5:06]
  • How can a facility gauge if it’s better to retrofit or completely replace equipment? [7:00]
  • What are strong refrigerant options for retrofits—and what are their benefits over legacy refrigerants? [8:10]
  • What refrigerants are being used in new equipment and why? [10:36]
  • How large a role will national regulations and global sustainability initiatives continue to play for this industry? [15:03]
  • What do you see up ahead in terms of next-generation refrigerant innovations for the evolving needs of the industry? [19:42]
  • Here is a question I like to ask all my guests: If you were sitting next to a leading expert in your field right now, what would you ask them? [21:42]
  • Any final thoughts about your article? [23:25]

Listen to the Podcast:

To read Andrew’s full article on “Designing Your Refrigerant Management Plan,” click here.

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