Registration is open for the IIAR industrial refrigeration workshop, held February 13-17 and February 20-23. The program will be delivered live online through the IIAR web-based learning platform. The two-week course will include an ongoing view of the content from the perspective of the design of an ammonia refrigeration system serving a food distribution center that incorporates selected low-charge technology.

The long-running course focuses on industrial refrigeration as practiced in food freezing, refrigeration and other low temperature applications. Topics include refrigerant properties; single-, two-stage and cascade refrigeration cycles; load calculations; construction of refrigerated buildings; liquid recirculation systems; reciprocating and screw compressors; performance and selection of evaporator coils; condensers; energy conservation; vessel sizing; liquid pumps; pipe sizing; safety; and control of both halocarbon and ammonia systems.

The course is intended for designers and builders of new or enlarged plants; supervisors of plant operations; engineers or manufacturers who will learn how their components fit into systems; engineers and managers either new to the industrial refrigeration field; or veteran engineers and managers seeking a refresher.

Donald L. Fenton, a professor at Kansas State University, will present the course with assistance from industry staff, including Ryan Sherry of Gartner Refrigeration; Zan Liu of SPX Cooling Technologies; Gary Chafee of Emerson/Vilter Manufacturing; John Kollasch of Evapco Alcoil; and a member of the team of Preston Refrigeration. Click here for more information or to register.