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This issue includes our 2022 reader picks on topics relating to process cooling. What makes a reader pick? Primarily, it’s based on how popular these articles have been on our websites over time. Without further ado, let’s take a look at each.

Hybrid Cooling Saves Water, Reduces Energy Use

PC 1122 Reader Picks Hybrid CoolingSeveral global trends are contributing to the desire for cooling system solutions that can help companies use less energy and water for cooling. Heavy flooding in some regions, drought conditions in others, and extreme temperatures and weather events help drive the demand for such solutions. In addition, population increases — due to migration from rural areas to cities as well as emerging markets — drive water demand.
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6 Takeaways for Heat Transfer Fluids

PC 1122 Reader Picks Heat Transfer FluidsMuch effort is given to researching the best design features to build into a high-temperature heat transfer fluid system. But is that enough? The following situations provide insight into opportunities beyond system design that can help to avoid unplanned downtime, extra costs and ensure safe and optimal system performance. Each insight includes a situation and the corrective actions suggested.
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Temperature Control During Cryogenic Processing

PC 1122 Reader Picks Cryogenic ProcessingThe basic concepts of metals heat treatment date back to the earliest blacksmiths. In the process of making tools and weapons, they learned:
How to control temperature with a mix of fuels and air.
How to evaluate the amount of heat through the color of the metal.
How quenching with water changed hardness characteristics.
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