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In this episode of the “Chill Out” podcast, Process Cooling editor Linda Becker speaks with Grady McAdams, the leader of cold storage sales with Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, about using CO2 for process cooling.

  • To get started, Grady, why don't you tell me a bit about your background, and your -- and Heatcraft's -- experience building refrigeration systems for industrial process cooling? [0:27]
  • What about Heatcraft's history? When and why was Magna Industrial Refrigeration formed? [1:13]
  • What was the genesis of Magna? [2:05]
  • Was CO2 your primary focus for Magna from the beginning? [2:51]
  • Now let's talk about using carbon dioxide for cold storage. From your perspective, based on your experience in numerous facilities to develop and optimize refrigeration systems for cold storage facilities, what are some of the main challenges and drivers? [3:40]
  • What industries do you see taking advantage of Magna systems for CO2 industrial refrigeration? [5:11]
  • You mentioned that energy savings are a big part of the benefit of CO2 refrigeration. Can you tell me a bit more about that, and how Magna can help companies take advantage of that? [6:00]
  • Are there any common challenges that you've found in working with processors to implement CO2 solutions for process cooling and cold storage? [7:12]
  • I know Heatcraft is a company that focuses on innovation. What's next Heatcraft as it relates to industrial process cooling? [7:55]
  • Any other thoughts relating to industrial process cooling? [8:58]
  • Are there any resources you've developed for customers and prospective customers? [10:31]
  • What's next in 2023? [11:13]

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During the podcast, Grady discusses a regulatory overview that Heatcraft has developed as a resource for industry. View it here.