Atlas-SSI, a traveling water screen and bulk material-handling equipment manufacturer, acquired Cooling Tower Valves and Screens LLC of Baton Rouge, La. The acquisition broadens Atlas-SSI’s portfolio with a line of screens and specialty valves that can be used by industrial facilities with cooling towers. 

Traveling sump screens help prevent debris from damaging the components of industrial cooling towers. If debris reaches the pump and impedes the flow of water, the temperature in the operating unit will increase, and performance will be reduced.

The Vari-Flow lines of stainless steel traveling sump screens and flow control valves have been operating in the industrial cooling tower industry for more than 26 years, according to Atlas-SSI. Traveling sump screens help prevent downstream heat exchanger and condenser fouling via manual or automated operation. Specialty control valves can balance the flow of water to prevent vibration, optimizing the cooling tower’s performance for even heat transfer across the tower.