The Process Heating & Cooling Show is a unique industry event created to serve the industrial process industry for heating and cooling. Global instability is a real thing, and we must be self-reliant to prosper as a country and as an industry. Bringing industry together is more important now than ever before.

We are on the verge of prosperity. I know it sounds optimistic, but look at what’s happening. Reshoring is expanding and it is a real thing. This means more manufacturing and industry is coming back to the United States. We read about it every day. Manufacturing is coming back in a big way. This brings our supply chain closer to home, and they will all need the most innovative solutions and equipment. Being self-reliant on our supply chain is an important issue, and events like the Process Heating & Cooling Show are the places where things happen.

It’s just common sense: We need to become more reliant as a country on our own ingenuity. We also face common challenges like the lack of a skilled workforce and adapting to decarbonization, just to name a few. There will be new technologies and developments that will help us solve all of our challenges, and we do this together. We do this through face-to-face conversations and relationships. This is why tradeshows are important to everyone and every industry.

The Process Heating & Cooling Show is that platform, made for collaboration. Together, we are building a marketplace where connections are made, new relationships are created, and the industry stays up-to-date with the latest technologies. We innovate and grow together by sharing ideas and solutions to the challenges we face as an industry. Also, it helps us keep our competitive edge.

Thank you to our six partner associations who are actively participating in the Process Heating & Cooling Show. Our industry associations bring valuable knowledge about the issues we face as an industry. I encourage you to speak with them and get involved. They will help you with your trade and provide valuable business insights to your many different organizations.

We thank all those who are participating and supporting the show. Those who participate are the voice of the industrial heating and cooling industry. We hope those who are curious, please explore and participate.

We look forward to the second year of the Process Heating & Cooling show and hope you can join us in Illinois on May 24-25. Since you took the time to read this here is your VIP code (PUBVIP) to get a free full conference pass — a $125 value — and it includes lunch! So come and grab a bite to eat and see what we are about.